Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you ship? Yes, we ship for a $4.75 flat rate shipping per package. Orders over $75 ship for FREE. 

2. Do you have a local pick up? Yes, we have a local porch pick-up in Valrico. Just choose local pick-up at check out. 

3. Do you have more than one size? Yes, we offer 3 sizes for adults and 4 sizes for kids.
Adults: Small( fits up to 6.5 in wrists)
Standard( fits wrists between 6.5in-7.5in)
Large(fits wrists 7.5in and larger)
Kids(Cutie): X-Small(NB-3) 4.5 in
Small(4-7) 5.5 in
Medium(8-12) 6in
Large (12-15) 6.5in
**Cutie sizes are based on age, but inches are posted next to size if you want a bigger or smaller size for your cutie!**

4. "I like this stack but I want it to be in gold" or "I like this stack but I need another name" Or "I like this stack but I don't want anything custom" These are statements we get EVERY day. A few things... First, the metals can be changed on any bracelet, if you want a stack but in silver instead of gold. Second, We can take bits and pieces of any stack and make it "yours". Just reach out to us via the contact page. And lastly, any stack can not have custom, we will just replace the letter beads with a spacer in your color choice.

5. Is there a Character Count on the custom? Yes, we can do up to 9 letters.

**DISCLAIMER: colors may vary to each individual eye, PLEASE read the description to understand the colors in the stack or bracelet you are ordering. WE will not replace bracelets/necklaces because you thought it was a different color than what you recieved. We are willing to work with you if you are unhappy with our product. Check out our returns page for procedures on returning a product.**